We offer the best lead acid battery services, from San Diego to Bakersfield!

Still think balancing is your best bet? Think again! Balancing is an attempt to correct a problem caused by normal battery operation, which must be repeated based on use. Maintenance is crucial for maximum service life. Unfortunately, regardless of how well you maintain your battery fleet, sulfate bonding is robbing your productivity! Sulfate bonding is the number one contributing factor to your batteries’ degrading run times, overheating issues and premature failure. A good battery should last an entire 8 hour shift without having to be charged during breaks. If your batteries aren't doing that, we can help!

We are the industry’s best kept secret in Southern California! We offer a proprietary service which is a better alternative to premature battery replacing. We guarantee to increase productivity and generate substantial lead acid battery cost savings. Let us show you the way to your future savings!

Our proprietary alternative to balancing is not only a single lifetime service, it is also guaranteed to:

  • Lower your Cost to Operate
  • Regain your battery run time capacity
  • Reduce your battery change-outs
  • Decrease your annual battery purchases – which also helps the environment!!
The Alternative to Battery Balancing

Opportunity charger users – take note!

Without a doubt you will see, in your own facility, the cost of operating your battery fleet drop significantly. Let us show you the difference! We offer FREE on-site demonstration. Call today to set up an appointment!